Monday, November 23, 2009

Me Thankful - Monday

Do these look familiar?

Well...these are the looks I get from others
when I discuss my baby name choices.
Not everyone likes my choices.
I now understand why people keep
their name a secret till the big day.
Maybe I should try it.
But, would I seriously be able to keep that a secret till May?
Yeah...probably not.

Guess what I'm thankful for?

It's my turn to pick the name.
My choice.
Me likey, me picky.
So...if you don't like my name choices...
suggest something else for consideration please!!
Muchas Gracias!

p.s. I'm sure most of you are wondering how in the world I let myself...1) be photographed looking so absolutely beautiful and 2) actually had the guts to post such gorgeousness on the public blog...yep, 100% me - take it or leave it!!

UPDATE: The Hottie wanted to make sure that I mention he gets full VETO power. That he does!!


Em said...

haha, sooooooo true!!!! i like mckenzie, and i don't care what anyone else says;-) i love it, sean loves it, and it just feels good, so little girl inside of me, your furture name is mckenzie! like it or not;-) and if YOU don't like it, please don't tell me you don't, lol.

Stacey Pasquel said...

Your baby, your name. So what if she goes through life with a horrible name that everyone makes fun of??? hehe :) Seriously, it couldn't be worse than some of the ones BJ likes. Let's just say he wants to name every child of ours after HIMSELF!!!

Karen said...

Okay Dawn, I will love whatever name you pick. How about Donna.

Ashley said...

HAHAHAH! These pictures are AWESOME!! You already know all my picks! oh..... Did you know Piper is Sarah Palin's daughters name?? I will text you some more names soon!

Ashley said...

**The last one is totally Mom when we tell her one of our names!! :)

Lizzie said...

Hi Dawn! Congrats on baby number 3! That's fantastic! And thanks for your kind comments on my blog, I'm glad you did, so now I know yours! You have a beautiful family and I look forward to keeping up with you guys in cyberspace!
xoxo Lizzie