Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cardinals Tailgating

Today, I was formally introduced to Cardinals Tailgating. Not just any tailgating...but, tailgating on the GREAT LAWN. Wow....can you say A-MAZ-ING!

We met up with my cousin Jessica and her husband Jeff and several of their family members for the real tailgating experience. We met them in the middle of the GREAT LAWN. is GREAT! Hundreds of canopies...people with set-ups better than Zipps...and waaaaay better than my living room. Of course, the Hottie was in HEAVEN. You name was there:
Grills Galore
Free Stuff (and I love free stuff!)
BBQ food
Breakfast burritos (that's what we had....DELISH!)

Basically, people set-up their space better than a living room. It was amazing. I loved it!! Of course, we left feeling like we NEEDED to have season tickets and NEEDED a parking space that included the GREAT LAWN. But...considering we have neither, and those lawn seats are based on tenure...I'm thinking that possibility is WAY out of our means. Oh was nice for the afternoon!

After living the dream for a was time to head over to my work tailgating event in the East lot. It was nice. It was fun...but, it was no GREAT LAWN. I am certainly very thankful for the tickets that my work provided, but...maybe it was the energy the GREAT LAWN provides - I'm not quite sure, but even the game wasn't as fun as the tailgating. As for our seats - everyone is right...there really isn't a bad seat. And, considering we were about as high as you can get in the very corner of the stadium - I would know. Thanks Prog for the tickets - you're the best! And...Jeff and Jess - thanks for much for the most delicious burritos EVER...if we ever have great lawn seats - YOU'RE TOTALLY INVITED!

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Ashley said...

CUTE pictures! Glad you guys had fun!! I'm soooooo JEALOUS!! :)