Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blog Birthday Contest

I'm running a contest.
It's easy.
And fun.
And you can win.
Win free stuff.

I love free stuff.

I am competitive.

I hope you are, too.
My contest is kind of like a scavenger hunt of sorts.
You can be entered into it in lots of ways:
Chance 1: Read through all my posts and pick your very, very
favorite. Comment and tell me which is your favorite and why.
Chance 2: Comment with your name and a list of 5 blogs that you
stalk daily. I'm always in search of a good blog to stalk and would love
some recommendations.
Chance 3: Comment with a recipe. Remember...I am not queen of
the kitchen - but, I am cooking a lot these days and the Cuties and Hottie
are sick of the same old thing!
Chance 4: Have someone that you know comment with your name. (you'll get a separate entry for every person that comments on your behalf!!)
Chance 5: Comment and tell me why you started blogging. I know
why I blog, now I wanna know why you blog. And, if you don't blog (it's
okay, you can still enter, Dad) tell me why you don't blog.
That's it!! If you do all of the above, you have 5 chances to win!!!
p.s. I only have about 3 your chances of winning are EXTREMELY HIGH!!
Now, for the important part.
The prize.
Did I mention I love free stuff??
The winner of my
Blog Birthday Contest will win.....
A basket full of my favorite things:
1. Gold Canyon Pomegranate candle

2. Chapstick (yep...I have them stashed all over the place)

3. Almond Joys (the very best candy bar)

4. Celebrity Magazines (gotta have my gossip!)
5. Twilight paraphranelia (you know I'm obsessed)
6. Bath & Body Works Lotion (YOUR CHOICE!)
7. Bath & Body Works Kitchen Lemon soap

Lastly, the contest ends at Midnight on Tuesday, October 6th!!
I will announce the winner next Wednesday!!
Just a couple more things:
1. I love contests and since I can't play - I need you to play!
2. I really have very few readers - so you've got a REALLY good shot!
3. I'll ship your basket (if needed).
4. Good Luck!!


Ashley said...

1) I started blogging because I LOVED "stalking" other blogs, (especially yours) LOVE taking pictures and knew a picture blog would be perfect for me!
2) There are way to many awesome posts on your blog to just choose one so... here is a few
November 22, 2008- Stuff I love
November 24, 2008- Do princesses belong in the corner? (still laugh out loud!)
ALL friendly face interviews! I know most of the people but LOVE learning more about them!
I could say many more maybe later!
3) PLEASE someone comment with my name! I will return the favor!

Can't believe it's been a year Dawn!! You are extremely creative and always thinking and saying exactly what you feel! I LOVE your blog and can't get enough of it! KEEP blogging! Love you

Heidi said...

Im commenting with Ashley's name because she is the one who told me about your blog and I love it!

I started blogging to keep my family all over the country up to date on our family when Shawn was first born.

My 5 favorite blogs are 1,,,,, and of course Ashley's and yours but you already read them! : )

My favorite post is for sure November 24, 2008

Recipe: Fettuccine Alfredo
This is my most favorite and easiest thing to make. The kids and hubby love it and it is easy to make grilled chicken to go with...
4oz evap milk
1 stick of butter
salt and pepper to taste

in small saucepan melt butter with evap milk and salt and pepper. one butter is fully melted slowly add...
1 container of shredded parm cheese (I prefer degorno(sp?) brand) the key is to turn the heat down to low and add about 2 tblspoons of cheese at a time. Stir CONSTANTLY until the cheese is fully melted.
Pour over cooked noodles and wa-la! Sometimes I also add about 4 oz of cream cheese to the mix too and cook that down on slow heat until it melts too. SOOO yummy. Not so good for the diet but, whatever!
I think that is all my chances...ASH YOU BETTER COMMENT WITH MY NAME!!!! : )

Ashley said...

HEIDI!! Thanks heidi!

Robin said...

First off, I must say Congratulations, Dawn on your One Year Blog Anniversary! I love your blog and find it very inspirational!
1. My favorite blog was the one about Aunt Mare and Uncle Bobby. Obviously it's in my mind because it's so recent, but it made me cry and took me down memory lane. I have loved so many others, though too. Your candidness has made me laugh out loud and the gorgeous kids always put a smile on my face.
2. I don't "stalk" any blogs, except for yours and Ashley's. I'm afraid to get into that addiction that you and Ashley can't get enough of!
3. Shepard's Pie Recipe: This is so easy, kid friendly, and pretty tasty. Cheap too!
1 lb. of ground beef browned (you can add onion if you like)
1 jar of beef gravy or 1 can of mushroom soup
Cooked mixed veggies
Mashed potatoes
Cheddar Cheese (if you like)

Brown the ground beef. Add soup or gravy. Place in a glass pie dish. Layer the veggies on top, then the mashed potatoes. Add cheese if you like. Pop in the oven for about 15-20 minutes at 350-375 degree or until cheese is melted. Serve.

4. I am putting in an honorable mention for Ashley.

5. I started blogging because of you and Ashley, of course. I really didn't want to, but my mother became OBSESSED with your blog. I swear it was her biggest hobby and joy of her life (other than Lincoln). She kept pestering me to do one and I kept telling her no way! I didn't have the time or the desire. I felt like it would have been a part-time job. Yours was so creative and funny and I just wasn't feeling the creative vibe. Then Ashley told me she was thinking about doing a photo-a-day blog and I liked the idea of that. I'm not really great at remembering to take pictures, so I thought if I committed to something like that, then I would have an e-photo album of Lincoln and I would satisfy my mother's constant nagging (her other favorite hobby). So, you and Ashley were my inspirations and I thank you both. I'm sure my mother thanks you also and all the out-of-towners who get to see the kids on a daily basis. And I'm hoping that one day my children will also thank you! Great job, Dawn!

Ashley said...

Awe! Thanks Rob!And yes DON'T start browing other blogs! VERY addicting! :)
I'm also giving ROBIN another chance!

4) LOVE all her pictures! she also has a "photo a day" blog where I got my idea from.
those are my favorites other than yours, Robs, Krystal's and Heidi's.

Karen said...

Okay Dawn, I cannot believe that it has been 1 year since you started this blog. I was your biggest fan and got upset when it wasn't updated on a daily basis. I clicked on just about all of the blogs that you had been to, I know I am a copycat.

1. I do not have a blog but I do love reading them. It would be imposible for me to pick just one. I love the blog from Christmas Eve when Brady and I were talking about Santa stopping at my neighbors house. It is so nice to have someone that still believes what I say. My other favorites would be your mothers 50th birthday. What a lovely tribute to a wonderful and kind person. Of course I loved Aunt MaryLou and Uncle Bobby's too, but I must say that the funniest one is Brady sleeping in the shower.
3.I will comment with Ashley's name. I have to she watches my grandson and does such a great job.

3. Here is my recipe for mashed potatoes. Pretty simple, you know how to cook the potatoes but the key is you MUST use seasoned salt and pepper, and of course, butter, never margarine, and milk.

Do not believe what Robin says, I do not nag. Well maybe just a little, but some day she will thank me when she has great pictures to look at.

P.S. Aunt Barbara's 70th birthday is December 23rd and she will be in AZ for it so I am sure you will need to do a blog for that.

Robin said...

I think it is hilarious that my mom says she doesn't nag. What does she think her last comment is? Subtle suggestion? I think not. She will not give up until you make a post for Aunt Barbara. She's crazy and has to be stopped! (Honorable mention: Ashley)

Karen said...

Dawn: Do Not Listen to Robin. She is very pregnant and hormonal and is out of her mind. I am not a nag. Honorable Mention for Ashley again. I hope no one wins the almond joy because that is my favorite.

Ashley said...

You ladies CRACK me up!! Once again ROBIN and AUNT KAREN!! Also, Aunt Karen IF (as in when) I win you can have my almond joy!

The Cuties' Mommy said...

OMG!! You guys are HILARIOUS!! I am loving reading the comments. I am so excited that I have 4 entries. I did tell my mom to enter the contest...but, you know how that goes - she can't get on the blog :) Only 3 more days till the winner....YIPPEE!!! p.s. thanks for the recipes everyone!! And...Aunt Karen - don't worry...Aunt Barbara will be covered! ohhh one more thing - almond joys = DELICIOUS!

Robin said...

Just so everyone knows, I'm trying to win the magazine. I've stopped my subscription because I started feeling bad about myself, since the only news I was following was reality gossip. But I've decided to forgive myself this one little pleasure since I've had to give just about everyting else up. (Pregancy will do that to a girl)

It is true that I am hormonal, but my mom (Karen: semi-honorable mention) is a first-class nag. Seriously she could write a book about the fine art of nagging. She could probably get her own reality show then I could read about her in my gossip magazine! (Hint, hint) Honorable mention: Ashley

Karen said...

Dawn: Not true, I am not a nag. I just know that there is a right way and my way. -Thank you for considering a blog for Aunt Barbara. She will really appreciate it. Also, Robin better hope I don't get her for Secret Santa. Coal, Coal, Coal. It looks like we may be shoe ins for the prizes. Honrable mention for Ashley.

Karen said...

Come on Dawn. Let me win. I never win anything. Is this another Majercin Easter where everyone wins but me? Honerable Mention for Ashely.

Ashley said...

I would like to say I was the first comment which should equal another vote! Shout out for AUNT KAREN!

Krystal said...

1) I started blogging in hopes of becoming rich like Dooce!

2) My all time fave is your 4th of July post from this summer! It was cute how you kept saying "HOT"!

3) Ashley
3) Heidi
Thats two names! Can I do that?

4) Yummy scrambled eggs!
Prep eggs first. I count 2 eggs per person in my house (your kids may not be fat kids like mine?)
Crack eggs into a bowl,
add 1/3 cup milk (eyeball it), kosher salt, pepper and a big helping of kraft parmesan cheese. mix up really well, if its not mixed enough it wont be fluffy.
Melt some butter in the pan and scramble eggs!
Oh soooo yummy!

5) blogs I stalk daily are:
Girls Gone Child
The Campbell Cuties
One Photo A Day
Cool Mom

Ashley said...

shout out for Krystal!

April said...

1.....I finally started blogging after my sister-in-law(Dawn) was visiting and showing me all that she does. I had no clue how to work the site other than how to log on(Campbell Cuties) and read. I never used to read blogs and I still dont all that much. I dont live near my family so why not try it out. It sure is fun and I have a few that I follow.

2......Blogs I read
1)Campbell Cuties (of course)
2)Nienie(my mother-in-law knows the fam
4)Haight Happenings(Forever great friends of mine)
5)One photo a day(Ash...u take great pics)

3.My favotite posts...well there are so many but the most rememorable one was SPEECHLESS(12-10-08) I think I would've called it UNBELIEVABLE!!!! lol
I also liked People We Miss part 1. It was of my boys and Dawn did a great job with it. BTW..we sure do all miss you.
The post on 12-16-08 called Drip Drip Drip...well that one made me LOL the most and because we have had several of those types of issues in the past.

4......This is for ASHLEY!!

5.......A fun recipe
Chocolate Chip Carmel Pretzel Sticks

1. 14oz package of carmels
2tble spoons of water
20 pretzel rods
3 cups of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips but you could use nuts also.

Line cookie sheet with wax paper. Unwrap 1 package of caramels into 4 cup microwave proof measure. Add water. Microwave on high until melted (2 1/2 minutes), stirring every minute. Cool about 10 minutes. Dip 20 pretzel rods into caramels just to coat, leaving 2 inch handle. Roll in 3 cups miniature semi-sweet chocolate chips. Place on wax paper and let stand until firm.

I made these last weekend and we/I LOVED them.

Great job Dawn!!!

Miss ya :)

Robin said...

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley