Friday, September 18, 2009

Thursday Night & Friday Morning Ritual

Thursday nights...
I mentally tell myself I will get up and clean early Friday morning.
I dream about an early shower after cleaning.
I make a promise to myself that Lil and I will be up and out of the house early.

Friday mornings...
Make breakfast (for all of us).
No, it is normally NOT fancy - toast/cereal/juice/milk.
The Hottie leaves with Brady for school and work.
Cartoons for Lil - long as it is Dora.
Dora is all she will watch.
Early start...make all the beds.
At this time, I am mentally reminding myself
of my Thursday night promises to myself.
After finishing my bed...I see the lonely computer.
I turn on the computer...with plans to just pay bills.
I pay the bill.
I check my bank account.
(I neurotically check it multiple times throughout each day).
I think of my Thursday night promises.
I think of all the blogs that I need to get caught up on.
I think of my Thursday night promises.

The end result....

The blog wins.
Cleaning can wait.
Shower can wait.
We've got the whole day, right???

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