Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's Almost My Blog's Birthday!!

The Campbell Cuties turns 1 on October 6th...yep, less than 30 days away.

With prompting from my sister Ashley, I'm throwing a party.
Well, not really a party....more a virtual contest & giveaway......
Yes, you can win something. I will mail it. Or hand deliver it. If it involves food - the Hottie will make it :)

This is what I need from YOU:
** Contest ideas
** Giveaway suggestions

Since I have a whole load of readers (seriously, about 3 regulars) I am expecting each one of you to at least give 1 or 2 suggestions!!!!

The contest will be free to you - and I love free please, I beg you, respond with suggestions!!!


Krystal said...

I would seriously just love to meet you if I win!!!

But a "Pampering Basket" with like bubble bath, salt soak, bath oils, lotion and a luffa!





Happy Hour Basket (A drink mix, cheap plastic cups, chips and salsa)

Dinner for 2 ( a basket with noodles, sauce, a bottle of two buck chuck, wine glasses from the dollar store, and a candle)

I make a ton of those kinds of baskets around the holidays and I can usually make them under $15 bucks! I get the baskets and glasses for a dollar store and, well, I just use coupons for the rest!

Good Luck!!

April said...

Well my candles(Gold Canyon) are always great and the new holiday scents are out. I will do something up for you with them. i can include the GC cleaners also. Let me know.


Ashley said...

Wow bith of them came up with some great ideas! I also like the homemade food from Bryan idea! You could always design a header for the winner! I love yours!

Karen said...

I think any type of gift certificate is good. How about an evening of baby sitting for someone. I can volunteer to do that if you like.