Friday, September 11, 2009

Meet Baby Ruth

Have you ever seen the movie, The Sandlot? Yes, the early 90's movie about a group of boys and their love of America's favorite past time.

This movie was in Brady's stocking from Santa. The Hottie has literally been waiting to buy this for Brady since...well, long before he was even born. Ever since Christmas, I'd say we've watched it at least 150 times, NOT kidding! It seems to be on a running loop in the van.

Lily...HATES TV. Maybe hate is too strong a word. She just is really not interested. But...when it comes to The Sandlot - she is ALL ABOUT IT! She loves the movie. So, between the two Cuties, it is playing non-stop.

Thankfully...and FINALLY, potty training is going very well. We were struggling with poop (sorry, TMI) but, she seems to be slowly mastering it. In celebration of big girl undies, Lily got to pick out a baby doll at Walmart. Of course, she picked out a Baby Alive doll...she is IN LOVE with Rylee's, so the choice was obvious.

This morning, Lily was super excited to show off her new baby to Rylee and Kate. During the car ride this morning to Ashley's house, she was talking about her baby doll and of course, watching The Sandlot. Lil told me her new baby's name is Presley. This was not a surprise. Right now, Lil is in the habit of naming all of her dolls Presley, due to the fact that our very, very good friends have a little girl named Presley that was born just a little over 4 months ago.

You may be asking are The Sandlot and Lil's new baby doll related?- here is how:

Today at Ashley's, it appears that baby doll, Presley, had a change of name. Ashley told me that Lil has been calling her Baby Ruth, all day. To you, this might seem like no big deal.

But, Lil didn't mean baby, Ruth...
she meant "Babe"-y Ruth.
You know, "the greatest baseball player of all-time?" you think we watch The Sandlot too much, or what?

Needless to say, without further ado, I now introduce you to the newest member of the family - Baby Ruth:

p.s. Rylee called Brady tonight to excitedly tell him that they got The Sandlot today in celebration of her first T-ball practice. Brady and Ry both were screamin' psyched!

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