Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2 Birthdays to Celebrate - Part 1

Dear Dad,

Happy Birthday!! I won't tell you how old Brady thought you were turning today - but, to make you feel better he thinks I turn 100 every year....so, his word doesn't mean much.

I am so very grateful to have you as my dad. I know every girl says that - but, I think Ash, Cori, and Billy can confirm it. You (and mom) have always put everything aside to make all of us your priority. We know that. We felt it. And, we appreciate it greatly.

Thinking back over the last 30 years....some memories that stick out most are....(in no particular order):

1. Nursing you back to health after surgery when I was around 4.
2. Riding around in the red and white VW Bug.
3. Learning to wrap presents with you....just right and perfectly every time.
4. "Helping" you shop for mom.
5. Endless "tampon" runs....or, using that as our way to get $$$ out of you - SORRY!
6. Working with you at Infiniti - and showing everyone what a softie you really are.
7. Your love of golf...and beating Uncle Brad's score.
8. Cross country road trip - need I say more??
9. You walking me down the aisle.
10. Your knack for "doing first and asking for permission later." Bryan is still trying to master this skill....unsuccessfully.
11. The fact that I know I can write you a letter on my blog and you will actually read it.
12. And, lastly - your constant love and support. Even when I have needed help.

Happy Birthday Dad!!! I hope your birthday is SUPER SPECIAL!!!

I love you,

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Krystal said...


I can tell by the way Ashley is with the kids, that she has awesome parents!

Oh and Dawn, You're pretty awesome at being a mom too!

You guys have such a great family!