Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our Little House

This weekend while the Hottie was out of town the Cuties and I went to dinner with Ashley, Rylee, Jake, Robin, and Lincoln. Red Robin...of course, yummy!

On the way home (since we were by our old house) we did a drive-by. Brady is the only one of the Cuties that lived there. We moved just shy of his first birthday. In fact...we were living at my parents over his first birthday waiting to get into the house that we are in now. Sheesh - I digress. Brady doesn't remember that house. But, he knows it from pictures.

Oh....how we loved our little house.

When we were very newly married we lived just down the block from that house. One day, the Hottie called me at work and said "your favorite house is for sale." I told him to go over and buy it...jokingly. Little did I know we would be doing just that when I got off of work that afternoon.

We moved in about 6 weeks later.

We loved that house. It needed work - and that is what we gave it. In the 3.5 years we lived there...we did a lot:
  • We changed out the southwest, pink-ish carpet,
  • Changed the shiny, shiny tile
  • Painted it...white (this was before the Hottie finally gave into color that he now loves)
  • Updated the bathrooms.
  • Changed out every kitchen appliance. one. by. one.
  • Painted it inside and out.
  • Changed out the counter tops from this matching shade of pink.
We didn't have a lot of room - but, it fit us perfectly. I miss a lot of things about that house...the "dungeon" room that we constantly had, the many visitors that moved in for a bit, the yard (the Hottie did an excellent job keeping it up), the oleander tree in the front (that has not looked the same since we left), the front sitting room (that never got any use, but was nice to have), even the way I could walk out of my bedroom and literally be ONE step away from all 3 bedrooms in the house, and lastly the mortgage...it was VERY little.

We drive by this house every so often. Brady thinks it is fun. Lil...she doesn't really care - but, I don't blame her one bit. I always prepare myself for it to look...well...not as good as I remember it, because it never does. But, this weekend it actually looked clean and nice...and even the big oleander tree was very pretty and full of flowers.

We miss you house! But, surely the one we're in now is even better for it is bustling with the sound of both Cuties running rampant.

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April said...

Gee...I loved that house and hmmm I wonder why??? No, I just loved you guys living 2 streets over from Justin and I. Wow, we moved into that area 13 1/2 yrs ago.