Monday, September 7, 2009

Cabining is Over.

Remember how I thought that I was preparing for a long weekend full of Fun.Relaxing.Family? did not happen EXACTLY like that.

Fun? - Absolutely.
Family? - Yep...perfect!
Relaxing? - Not so much.

While sitting outside on the porch chatting with my sisters, my mother kindly advised us that RELAXING vacations only occur with adults only. Hmmm....

After thinking this over. I would definitely agree. Cabining is a family activity - and yes, the kids had a great time...but, there is always something to worry about when vacationing with kids....

Is everyone getting along?
Is someone left out?

Is everyone sharing?
Who is crying?
Are they hurt?
Are there any dangerous areas?
Is the baby gate up?
Where are the kids?
Is everyone having fun?
Silence?....means either they're missing or they're doing something they
know very well they should not be doing.

And, those are just a FEW of the things to worry about when traveling with kids.

All in all, we did have fun. It sure rained a lot - but, the kids really did not seem to mind...even if I thought they did. Saturday was filled with morning tire swings, games, and lots of rain. Sunday morning and into the early afternoon was perfect - we ventured out to the park in Pinetop. The kids loved it. The boys golfed and were able to fit all 18 holes in before the rain kicked in. Following dinner, the McMahon crew came over for games.

The best part of the weekend was 1) of course, family... enough said, 2) the smell...I love that fresh air and fireplace smell, 3) Aidyn's LOVE for the swings at the park, 4) the tire swing that brought endless entertainment (and mud) to the kids, 5) the 60-days worth of food that my mom purchased for our weekend stay, 6) the weather...even though it was literally frigid and still beat 115 degrees, and lastly 7) coming home to a clean house.

The trip is over. Luckily for me, the Hottie had cleaned the house while I worked Friday morning....isn't he the best??, all that was needed upon return was laundry. And, boy do I have a lot of laundry to do. I'm worried that I won't be able to salvage the socks that Brady wore over the weekend. I'm not sure what it is about boys...but, my goodness even with tennis shoes on - their socks still get as black as can be.


Krystal said...

WAIT... It got so cold you had to wear a jacket? And pants? I dont think Ive ever seen someone in AZ wearing either at the same time in September! I dont think I believe you?

Love your pics! You have the cutes family and Ash is cute as always too!

April said...

Bryan....You look good with a full beard. I like it!! remember when dad would try to grow one??? :)