Monday, September 21, 2009

The Hottie is Back!

Thank goodness the Hottie is back!!
(From his boys' weekend in San Fran)
The Cuties looooove craft time.
So, Sunday night before bed...
we "crafted" a sign for the Hottie.
Brady also included a coloring that he made at Nanny's.
Lily drew a picture of circles.
They were very proud.
And...the Hottie loved it!
What makes it even better...
Brady excitedly had the Hottie
close his eyes for the SURPRISE
when they entered the house from his arrival.
Welcome back, Babe!!
Love ya!
p.s. yes...Brady has a thing for seahorses...but, that is a whole other story.


Krystal said...

They missed their Daddy!

Ashley said...

HA! At first I was thinking, "Is that a seahorse!" Gotta love brades!