Thursday, September 3, 2009


We're going on a mini camping trip.
Well...I wouldn't call it camping,
but more like cabining.

Yep, we're headed up to Greer, Arizona.
Fun. Relaxing. Family.
All my favorite things.

We used to go to Greer annually.
We haven't been back in a few years.
This year - we've got a whole crew going with us....
My Mom, Dad, Billy, Courtney...
Ash, Brett, Jake & Ry...
Cori, Mike, Aidyn...
Us 4...
Pam, Kevin, Jamie, Robert, & Hayli
Yep...we've got a bunch going.

We don't plan on doing too much.
The less scheduled = the more fun
We do plan on sitting back, playing games (lots), laughing, eating, drinking, roasting marshmallows, playing wiffle ball, and of course snuggling with the kiddos.
The boys have made a tee time.
We expect them to be gone all day.
I plan to take a nap when the kids go down....
Is that sad or what? I'm dreaming about a vacation in which I plan to take a nap.
I've gone from age 13 (Twilight) to 70 (naps) in a matter of weeks.

Needless to say we are VERY excited.
Brady says Poppy told him that he doesn't have to go to school Friday.
Lil is excited to eat 'Mores...or Suuuuuhhhh-mores (I'm not sure if she's ever experienced them)
Me...I'm just excited for Fun.Relaxing.Family.


Oh...and check out our home for the weekend...the one that us Griswold's will be stuffing full of people......


Krystal said...

I want to be apart of your family!!!!

You guys are always up to fun!!!

And dont worrie I dream of naps daily, and most the time that dream comes true! Oh the joys of being a SAHM!!!

Have a fun and safe trip!!!

Ashley said...

Can't wait! Not for the nap part but the fun!