Monday, September 28, 2009

Copycat Savings

I've done this before.
Found something I loooooved in Pottery Barn Kids.
Snapped a picture of it.
Re-created it.
Saved lots of $$$.
The first time was with this canvas painting
of a baseball jersey for Brady's room.
He still has it hanging up.
I love it.
I saved over $100 by making it myself.
Today's copycat savings was for Lily's room.
A few months back - I saw this gigantic picture at PBK:
Cute, huh?
A butterfly on canvas, made of buttons and paper.
Not sure of the exact cost...but, roughly $99+ for the size I wanted.
$99 is waaaay too much for my pocketbook.
I bought a canvas at Hobby Lobby during a sale...with a coupon.
Cost = $7-ish
Everything else I had at home.
The cuties and I spent yesterday "crafting" this up.
I think it turned out great!
And...I saved over $90!
p.s Lily loves this. She calls it "my butterfly" and tells everyone about dad when he came over this morning, my doctor at my visit when she tagged along, Bryan when he got home from work, even the check out gal at Walmart. Too funny. She must be so proud!


Krystal said...

That is sooo cute!!! And why arent you making a living doing thngs like that!? I would sooo buy it! But not at PBK...

Karen said...

Great job,Dawn and Cuties.

Ashley said...

Love it! Can't wait to make one for ry! With your help of course!