Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Blog!!

It's official. My blog is 1 year old today. I cannot believe it. I still remember sitting here at this very same computer 1 year ago trying to figure out just what I needed to do to start a blog. So many things I worried about -

what to name it?

blogspot or wordpress?

ugh...how do i get those pictures to center properly?

is that all the font choices?

html...please come back to me...the little that i know.

how can my blog be cute?

and funny?

and me?

what should i write about?

does anyone even care what i write?
These are all things I still periodically think about. I truly have found that my blog is my journal. My free thoughts, wants, and desires. I write about a lot...probably a lot more than I should. But, I'm pretty much an open book - take it or leave it. I have been able to voice my thoughts about everything...the cuties, the hottie, our daily activities, politics, my liberalisms, celebrations....you name it - I've probably talked about it.

Wow. One year. Being that I do seem to jump in with both feet in everything I do - I knew that I would love it. But...I really never thought I'd keep going. And now...I can't imagine stopping.

One year down...

Happy Birthday campbellcuties.blogspot.com - you have literally been a very therapeutic venting ground. Thank you!

p.s....have you joined my blog contest???
you only have until midnight tonight.


Robin said...

Dawn, Congratulations on your One Year Anniversary! Since the traditional 1st year anniversary gift is paper, I think you should get your book as a gift! Get a paypal and ask for donations. Your loyal readers will contribute to the cutie cause! Congrats again. As always, I am super proud of you!

Krystal said...


I hope I win!

Its midnight!

Karen said...

Congratulation Dawn. This has been the best entertainment I have had all year.