Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Winner Is....

First off - I would like to thank everyone for entering my contest. I truly got such a kick out of reading all the comments and "trash talk" over the last week. I was literally laughing to tears many times.

Secondly...I love the recipes. I have already added them to my recipe box. THANKS!!!

And, thirdly...I am totally a bad contest directions writer. I had hoped everyone would write a separate comment for each of the tasks. Reading over my directions - that is so NOT how I explained it. No problem...I just had to separate out each entry on my own.

Because everyone that entered (well, maybe not everyone) was very concerned on how I was going to pick the winner - I will do my best in explaining the process I took:

  1. I went through every entry and separated out each individual "entry." For example, in comment #1 (Ashley) wrote about 2 of the "chances" - 1) why she blogs, and 2) her favorite post. So - that is entry #1 and #2 and they both go to Ashley. In comment #2 (Heidi) she wrote about 4 of the chances - 1) shout out to Ashley (Ash got the entry), 2) why she blogs, 3) blogs she stalks, 4) her favorite post, and 5) a recipe. So - Ashley got entry #3 and Heidi got entries #4-7. Lastly, since the 3rd comment was Ashley giving a shout out to Heidi...Heidi also got entry #8.
  2. Made a list of each individual entry, in order from the comments.
  3. Went to
  4. Entered the numbers of entries - minimum and maximum (1-45).
  5. picked the winning entry.
Reading over this - it is a bit confusing...SORRY!

Here are the list of entries:
1. Ashley
2. Ashley
3. Ashley
4. Heidi
5. Heidi
6. Heidi
7. Heidi
8. Heidi
9. Robin
10. Robin
11. Robin
12. Ashley
13. Robin
14. Robin
15. Ashley
16. Aunt Karen
17. Aunt Karen
18. Ashley
19. Aunt Karen
20. Ashley
21. Ashley
22. Robin
23. Aunt Karen
24. Aunt Karen
25. Ashley
26. Ashley
27. Aunt Karen (she got one for asking to win)
28. Ashley
29. Ashley (she got one since she was the first to comment)
30. Aunt Karen
31. Krystal
32. Krystal
33. Ashley
34. Heidi
35. Krystal
36. Krystal
37. Krystal
38. April
39. April
40. April
41. Ashley
42. April
43. Ashley
44. Ashley
45. Ashley
Whew....that was exhausting. If I missed one - or am off by one...I sincerely apologize. But...I'll blame it on fate.

Now...what you've been waiting for...
The Winner
of the Campbell Cutie
First Birthday Blog Contest

None other than.....

Whoop Whoop!!
Congratulations Ashley!!!


Heidi said...

DANG IT!!! Well, congrats Ash(cheater!) : )
Keep the great posts coming! I love reading them!!!

Robin said...

Super Fun! I just hope Ashley remembers the "little people" who helped get her to where she is today!

Krystal said...

ASHCOCK... She cheats!!!!

Great post Dawn! All the comments cracked me up!

Ashley said...

AHHHHHHH!!!! YAYYYYY!! I love winning! And A huge THANK YOU to everyone that gave me a SHOUT OUT!! Also, for Dawn and her AWESOME blog!! I love being so popular! HA! Sorry Aunt Karen, I guess I still am a Majercin!

Karen said...

Okay,now I know this is rigged. I want a recount and the almond joy that was in the basket. Yes Ashley you are a Majercin. I'm calling you Mom and Dad to see if they will adopt me so that I can change my name for the fourth time. Maybe then I will win.