Monday, October 26, 2009

Brady's Serious Questions

Recently Brady and I had a serious conversation. His choice. We were discussing birthdays. He was about to go to a birthday party for little girl Emily. Not just a birthday party - a party at Bounce Jungle. He thinks it is the coolest place on the planet. Here goes it:

Brady: Emily and Sarah have birthdays on the same day. Just like me and Cole. Our birthdays are on the same day.
Me: That's cool. Is Sarah having a birthday party, too?
Brady: Yeah. But, it's a Barbie party. Only girls. Well, one boy is going. Cameron.
Me: That's nice, Brady. They must be good friends. Don't worry, you'll have fun at Bounce Jungle.
Brady: Cameron has brown skin.
Me: What do you mean?
Brady: You know...His the color brown. Like, Tyiana's. Her skin is brown, too.
Me: That's nice, Brady. Is he your friend? Do you guys play tag? (Brady's favorite playground game)
Brady: Yeah. We're friends. We play at recess.
Me: That's nice, Brady. You have lots of friends.
Brady: Mom? How do you get brown skin?
Me:'re just born that way, Buddy. Kind of cool, huh? It's kind of like how you were born with brown hair but some of your friends have blond hair.
Brady: Oh, okay. But, how do I get brown skin?
Me: Do you want brown skin, Brades?
Brady: Yeah.
Me: Sorry, Buddy. You can't. You weren't born with brown skin. You can't change that.
Brady: Oh, okay.

My thoughts??
I'm doing something right.
Either that - or, this just shows how much he looooves Rock Obama.
The End.


Krystal said...

Wow thats some pretty heavy stuff he has going on.

If he really must had brown skin, you could always take him in for a spray tan?

Of course, he may look more like an umpa loompa, than a person with brown skin?


Great job on raising him Mama!

Karen said...

What a great conversation.