Friday, January 14, 2011

Pinkalicious Party

Lily loves Pinkalicious. Really, she loves anything pink. ANYTHING! So, for her 4th birthday I planned a girls-only Pinkalicious party. We invited her closest "little girl" cousins and friends and created a pinkalicious paradise.

The invites. I found some online and was able to create some similar. I printed them off as a 5x7 photo at Costco and ta-daaaaaa!!! Cheapy, but super cute invites for less than $5. I did have to buy a pack of 12 envelopes...but, I found them at Hobby Lobby for $2.99. And, in what else...PINK!

The game. Pin the cherry on the cupcake. I made it. I even made cute little red cherries for the girls to use. Everyone was a winner and got Pinkalicious books that I wrapped with a pink ribbon and added one of the party thank you tags. I don't have any pictures of the girls actually playing the game. But, check out my sister's blog - she has a few!!

The craft. We really had two: foam tiaras and cupcake decorating. The girls loved it. Well, at least they seemed to. I'm still finding stickers around the house!! We had several tiaras left over ready to be we donated them to our sitter. Gotta love Oriental trading!

The favors. When the girls arrived at the Pinkalicious Party, we had gold wands for them to carry around and Pinkalicious bottle cap necklaces. The gold wands were such a great deal through Oriental trading...I just jazzed them up with some pink tulle and they were done. The bottle cap Stellar Trends Digital on Etsy of several 1 inch Pinkalicious designs for $1.99, printed them out at Kinkos and put them together. Such a cute favor. Brady even gave one to his friend at school! I also found some paperback Pinkalicious books at Walmart (and Amazon) for a smoking deal. We added those as the game prize as a great take away item. Lastly...we had lots of pink candy and treats to take home...cupcakes, pink giant pixie sticks (Party City), princess lollipops (Oriental Trading), marshmallow pops (homemade), pink bubblegum (Target), and even some cupcake lip gloss (Dollar Tree).

The girls. The girls were all decked out in pink. The donned their tiaras and ran around with their wands. So girlie - loved it!


Charlie slept for pretty much the entire party. She woke up to say goodbye to everyone!!
We tried and tried for a picture of all the girls...this is the best we could get.
The party.

I love this picture. The girls decorated Brady's baseball net with balloons and tulle. What a fun, pink surprise for Brady!!

The party was definitely a success. A PINK success.

Because I loved some of Ashley's pictures so are a couple more from her blog:


April said... did a great job!!!! Lots of pink for sure(something we no nothing about here in our home)but soooo cute!! Lily looked so HAPPY!!

Erin and Drew said...

Dawn---you did such an amazing job!! You should come out here to help me plan Eva's 1st birthday!!

Julie said...

Holy pink!!! What a lucky little girl!!! Everything turned out so good, and I'm glad I got to taste the oreo balls :)