Thursday, January 27, 2011

Seven Years a Mommy

Today I've been a Mommy for 7 years.
Time flies!

I remember praying and praying and praying for a baby like it was yesterday. It is so very hard to believe that it has been 7 years. 7 crazy, fun, busy, scary, and exciting years.

Boy oh boy does Brady know it's his birthday. He's been counting down the days. He gets so mad that Lily's birthday comes first in the calendar year. He badly wanted a party this year - but, we decided to allow only a sleepover with 3 of his cousins. It will still pretty much be a party. They'll be heading over Friday evening for pizza, fun, and a movie and Saturday morning will be celebrating at Makutu's Island. So...although there were no invites or friends involved - it's still party-ish.

He is begging for a skateboard. He wanted one from Christmas...and then the Nintendo DS made the top of the list and the skateboard got pushed off to his birthday. We went back and forth deciding if we should get him one.

We did.

Don't worry - we hooked him up with pads and a high-tech helmet. He'll be good to go. Ashley asked if we purchased him bubble wrap. She was joking - but, I thought it was a good idea. I do have fears of start praying for his skateboarding safety!

This is how we would describe you at 7 years old:
1. You eat, sleep, and live baseball.
2. You are my biggest helper.
3. You are absolutely hilarious. least your cousins think so. And us!
4. You make your bed everyday and are getting quite good at it.
5. You still love to color and are pretty OCD about making sure you stay in the lines.
6. You love your Nintendo DS - you especially love playing it in the car.
7. You are my little model with the camera. You always have time for a pose and really get into it!
8. You are becoming quite the reader. I really cannot take any credit for that - you did it on your own.
9. You love legos. You love for Dad to put together your lego sets and then you display them in your room.
10. You have night terrors and although they can be frightening (for us, too) they are sometimes comical. But, Aunt Ashley thinks they're scary.
11. You like to have piggy back rides to bed. You are generally the first one asleep in our family.
12. You are all boy...but, you have no problem playing dress up or barbies with Lily if she asks. I love that.
13. You also love my new phone...and are addicted to Angry Birds even more than I am.
14. You are at the stage where you copy things that dad and I say (so you can sound like us)...and think we won't notice.
15. You have lost 2 teeth and have 2 more about ready for the tooth fairy.
16. You have a wallet full of money. We don't know if you'll be a really good saver...or if we just never make you pay for anything. So...we just started an allowance system.
17. You don't have a girlfriend. We think you're beginning to be in the girl "cootie" phase.
18. You always want to buy the school lunch. (that makes it easier on great!)
19. You love, love, love iCarly. You always talk about them like it's totally real-life. So...basically you're like me with TV.
20. I know you're only 7 - but, you are going to be a very good babysitter. I can't wait.
21. Your dad says you have a baseball swing like a natural.
22. You are the world's worst liar. We can tell withing 1/2 second if you're lying.
23. You love to dance...but, only when no one is watching.
24. You are a bit of a perfectionist. And, when things don't come out exactly get VERY mad.
25. And, last you are such a snuggler. I'll take it. I'm not looking forward to the phase (that I'm sure you'll go through) when you don't want anything to do with us.

Brades - we prayed for you for so very long. The last 7 years have been so much fun. You have taught us how to be parents and we cannot believe how grown-up you are becoming. You are so honest and silly and loving. We love you so very, very much.

Happy Birthday!
Love, Mommy and Daddy


Ashley said...

Man I Love that boy! What a blessing! Such a sweet blog.

Stacey Pasquel said...

What a sweetheart- HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADY! Brady has always been James' favorite cousin! (he looks up to him for sure!) And from your description of Brady, it sounded like you were describing James, so no wonder James loves him so much! :)

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Brades! You are a really awesome kid. So sweet and always very kind to my boys. They love when they get to see you at birthday parties!I hope you have an awesome year!