Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Smart Phone Makes Me Feel Stupid

I am SOOOO not smart phone intelligent.
Yesterday, the Hottie showed me how to move around my apps.
And delete pages.
And explain the difference between the home pages and the list of apps.
It took me 6 calls to learn how to answer the phone.
I linked my phone to FB (by some miracle) and now I don't know how to link new people.
I didn't realize until yesterday that I had a Google bar on my home page.
I've been going to the Web app and punching in
I don't know how to check my messages, so don't leave one for me yet.
But, I'm really good now at checking my Yahoo email!
Oh, and I've mastered Angry Birds...but, that deserves its own post.

The Hottie says it's called a smart phone because it's supposed to allow quick access to anything. It should allow you to set up your phone how you want it, to personalize it to fit you. There are gazillions of apps to make your life easier and for just plain entertainment. There is visual voice mail so that you don't even have to listen to your message. There is voice text and dial and who knows what else. I don't know how to use any of that. I'm not sure I'll ever know.

But, at least I can get to FB now with one click (as of this weekend).

There should be smart phone lessons.

At least I was able to get this cute pirate picture of Brady using the postcard camera app.

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Stacey Pasquel said...

What kind did you get?? I just a new smart phone yesterday too!!! I got a Blackberry Bold and spent a small fortune on it- seriously, I'm embarrassed at how much I spent (I'm not on a contract so I had to pay full price). But I'm learning slowly too and I was able to connect to my work and personal e-mail and sync my Outlook calendar!!! I finally have internet on my phone- LOVE IT!!! So excited!!! :)