Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where Did You Go When You Were Sick?

Just like the cuties, I came from a dual working household. Don't get me wrong - stay at home moms (or dads) have a job, alright - a tough, tough, tough job. One, I'm not sure I would be cut out for. But, that job does allow the flexibility of keeping your kids at home and eliminating day care.

Anyway...growing up, both my parents worked. For pieces of my life, my parents were able to arrange their hours to so that someone was always home with us. But, for many pieces of my life (just like the cuties' lives) that was just not possible. Luckily, I was and am a pretty healthy girl. So - being sick and staying home was generally NOT an issue. Thinking back, I do remember a time that I was sick. Sick enough that I couldn't go to school, nor to a sitter. My parents both worked. So...where did I go? My Nan and Pop's house. They were my maternal grandparents. They lived 3 blocks away. The funny thing is - on this one particular occasion I remember showing up and seeing 2 other cousins there at my grandparents for the exact same reason. We were all sick. Kind of funny!

Right now - the two female cuties are sick. RSV. Breathing troubles. Runny noses. Congestion. High fevers. Lots of medicine. Even more breathing treatments. They look sick. It is so very sad.

This week is a super hard week at work. Our annual meeting. Breakout sessions. Project planning. And, a well-needed training class. The Hottie had a similarly busy week, as well. Luckily, my mom jumped in and took over my mommy duties. She watched the girls in our RSV-infested home. She even did my laundry and cooked us dinner. Isn't she the best? And, throughout it all...I can't stop thinking about my sick visit long ago with my Nanny. Nanny's are certainly special.

Where did you go when you were sick?


Robin said...

Poor babies! I think I was at Nan's when you showed up. It was awesome. I loved being sick at Nan's. Laying on the couch watching daytime tv and eating Campbell's chicken noodle soup with toast and sipping ginger ale. Funny...I can still hear the sound of the bottom cabinet opening and seeing the 50 cans of soup lined up on the top shelf! No microwave. Soup was heated on the stove! I want to be sick at Nan's again!

Erin and Drew said...

Poor things!! I hope they feel better!On a side note...I see Charlotte's ears are pierced!! Little babies look so cute with earrings.