Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Letter To Our 4 Year Old


Today is your 4th birthday!! We began your birthday by nursing your ear infection in the wee hours of your 4th birthday. You were in misery. You cried for the doctor and medicine. I stayed up with you throughout the night giving you a heat pad for your ear, treatments for your declining breathing, and at last Tylenol that made you finally sleep. You woke up at 7:30am, ran into Charlotte's room where I was dressing her and screamed..."It's my birthday. I'm 4!!" You would never have known that we stayed up almost the entire night. At the doctor's they confirmed an ear infection and ordered a prescription. Thank goodness.

We made it Organ Stop Pizza for just a small celebration with the 5 of us. You loved it. You opened a couple little presents from us (lip gloss with a case and necklaces), ate pizza, ice cream, and ran around like the 4 year old that you are.

Birthdays with you are always so fun. You get the biggest kick out of everything. The smallest things to you mean so much. You've never really had a gigantic party, yet - you would never know. Our dinner tonight with just the 5 us was the most fun EVER in your eyes. I love that about you. So easy to please - I always feel like I'm doing my job as your mom. Just wait until Saturday for your PINK party.

We've now been blessed with you for 4 years. It's funny to think that just four years ago I was lying in the hospital bed just having birthed you. You were by far my easiest labor and delivery. BY FAR! Kind of ironic considering you are now the biggest drama queen ever. With all your drama comes even more strength, beauty, silliness, and happiness.

This is how we would describe you at 4 years old:

1. You are just about the girliest, girl you will find.
2. You LOVE dresses and pretty much have tantrums when you have to wear pants/shorts.
3. You are obsessed (literally) with Taylor Swift. You even love to have me curl your hair, AKA give you Taylor Swift hair.
4. You are all about the color pink. Tonight you even chose strawberry ice cream because it was pink.
5. You love your babies. You've got lots of baby dolls and each one is special to you. You dress them, feed them, carry them around, and change them.
6. You are seriously the clumsiest kid known to man. You trip over your own feet. ALL. THE. TIME.
7. You can't breathe...but, it doesn't stop you from playing rough with the boys.
8. You cheat at Candyland. And, its obvious. It's almost like you think cheating is part of the game.
9. You steal your sister's clothes for your dolls. It's making you mad that Charlotte is getting big and the clothes are no longer fitting your babies. But, you still try.
10. You talk to your dolls. I mean, you have actual conversations with them.
11. You love to sing. L-O-V-E, LOVE to sing.
12. You can scream like no other. When you're let us know. There's no holding back.
13. You already slam your door when you're angry. We're getting frightened for the teen years.
14. You have such a gentle side and you always tell us how much you love us.
15. Your favorite food - hands down - is macaroni and cheese. Pizza is a close second.
16. You think that McDonald's Restaurant is actually called "Old McDonald's" after the song.
17. You love going to Costco and eating hot dogs in the little food court. But...only if we get to sit under one of the tables with an umbrella. You pretend it's raining the entire time.
18. You love anything with bling. And, really...the more obnoxious it is, the better.
19. You love the show Toddlers and Tiaras. I'm not sure why we ever let you watch it.
20. You love M&M's and candy canes and really...any type of candy. You ask for it the second you wake up.

I can't believe you are 4. Time is flying. I wish it would slow down. You have become such a funny, happy-spirited, loving, beautiful little girl. We love you so much. Brady loves you so much. Charlie loves you so much.

Happy Birthday Buggies!



Ashley said...

What a nice post! I Love Lil her raspy deep voice!

J said...

I agree with Ashley, great post for an awesome kid! She sounds great!

Happy Birthday kiddo!

The Cuties' Mommy said...

ooohhhh good call, Ash! I should have mentioned her raspy voice. Such a Majercin!! :)

April said...

Great post and I love the pic you took at Organ Stop...ADORABLE!!! Lily.. we sure do love you. Glad you liked your new outfit for "Ella" :)