Thursday, January 13, 2011


Today I took Charlie to the doctor for a well visit. I think they used to call them check-ups. I guess that term is old school. Now...they're called well visits. As opposed to sick visits. They even have separate entrances for sick visits. And, separate waiting rooms. And, separate check-outs. And...for the REALLY entirely separate area with a buzzer entrance. So much different than when I was a kid.

Anyway...I digress.

So, I took her to the doctor. It was her 6 month well visit. She's 7.5 months old. We're way behind. I guess that is what happens on the third baby. You see with Brady I counted down the days until his well visits. I couldn't wait to see his progress. With Lily...well, she was ALWAYS at the doctor, so I always knew her progress. And, now Charlotte. Sheesh. I forgot about her 2 month visit and so now...well, we'll be indefinitely behind. Oh well.

At the doctor, she put on a show. Babbling and flirting and laughing. They love her. They take her temp, pulse, listen to her lungs, check her over, get her weight and length and ask about her progress. We finish the trip with 4 shots. Here's her stats:

Weight - 17 pounds 4 ounces (25-50%)
Height - 25.75 inches (10-25%)
Head circumference - 45cm (75-90%)

After we get the percentages, I laugh. We love our chubbers, I say. Dr. Ciminello comments on how she definitely loves her food. Then I say, Awww...and look, she's my little shorty.

Then Dr. Ciminello laughs and says, Well...some things she can't control. You know...genetics. How tall are you now? 5' 1??"

I laugh and say...No like 5'3." He laughs and just about makes me get on the kids scale to measure me.

He says his goodbye and leaves. As we wait for the nurse to come in and administer the immunizations, I start talking to Charlotte. I tell her, Dr. Ciminello called momma out on her height. He then opens the door, laughs and says - No disrespect. We laugh.
Sheesh - but, I am short. is Charlie.

The good news is this - Dr. Ciminello says that with the Hottie's height of 6 feet, she maybe has a shot at 5'4" and even 5'6"...but, only if I'm really 5'3."

Hee Hee

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