Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Do You Think My Kids Play Hard?

Shoes - hand me downs in PERFECT, TIP-TOP shape. Lily wore them one time with her Christmas dress and tore them to pieces. There are literally holes in the shoes.

Pants - UGH!! Little boys and their pants. There are 5 other pairs of pants just like this one. Holes in every left knee!

Seriously...there is no sense in spending good money on clothes with little boys and girls!

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April said...

The holes in the jeans are endless here and I agree why spend nice money. However Marla as collected every pair of "holy" pants(hahah) from the boys over the past 2yrs and is making a great blanket for each out of the denium. Maybe something you could so with the kids. A cute/great idea but Im not the good one with the sewing machine. :)