Sunday, January 16, 2011

No More Motivation

On Saturdays, we clean. It's a given. It used to be I cleaned the house as the hottie did the yard. In our new place, we have a yard guy. So...the hottie helps me clean. It's awesome. So, yesterday we cleaned. But...we didn't finish. We still had loads and loads of laundry and mopping.

Both things I hate.

Today, the hottie cleaned out the garage and I whipped up some oreo cookie balls (my new FB recipe find) to bring over to Julie's to watch the game. Suddenly, we realized the game started earlier than we thought...we were late. So, we rushed around, dressed the kids, loaded up the van, and headed out.

Leaving the house a disgrace.

When we returned, we fixed our mess. We relaxed. We fed Charlie. We wrote a bit in Charlie's baby book (yep, it's a miracle!!) The cuties played and we worked a bit.

It's now 9:00pm. I just turned on Desperate Housewives. I'm thinking of all the work that I need to do tomorrow and should really start on tonight. The hottie is putting in his vacation request. Charlie is laying next to me on the couch drinking her nighttime bottle. Lily and Brady are sound asleep in their rooms. And...

the house is a mess. We still have loads and loads of laundry. And, we still need to mop.

But, we're done. We've got no more motivation.

Here's a small look at our mess.

don't you love bryan's thumbs up!!

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