Monday, October 4, 2010


Friday night was date night. But, not with the Hottie and me, it was with Lily and Mommy. Oh my goodness - did we have pink-filled fun!

Lily's favorite book is Pinkalicious. she says, "Pinklicious." She even wants to be Pinkalicious for Halloween. Too bad the costume is sold out pretty much everywhere. Recently I had seen an ad for Pinkalicious the Musical at Valley Youth Theater. So...I bought us some tickets for opening night.

I told Lily on Wednesday that we were going to have a Mommy/Lily date to see Pinkalicious. Wow was she excited...talking about it non-stop. Friday found us shopping for a pink dress and black sparkly shoes. When Bryan got home from work, he loaded up Brady and Charlotte and left for Brady's game. Lily and I finished getting ready and headed out for downtown Phoenix for our girls night out.

We planned to eat dinner before...but, due to an accident on the freeway, I thought we were a little behind. So...after parking next to the theater, we were directed to the only food place in sight (Pizza Hut) and ordered a pizza. We did a good deed that night. We ate our pizza and still had over half of it left, so we gave it to the homeless man that came into Pizza Hut to watch TV (since they had a pretty nice TV). He was very thankful. We then walked the 1 block to the theater.

Oh.My.Goodness. Pink galore. Pink cupcakes. Pink butterfly wings. Pink t-shirts. Pink costumes. Pink wands. Pink tiaras. Pink flowers. Everything was pink. Every.thing. Lily was in heaven. We sat down for the show.

One great thing about the VYT is that it is totally kid friendly. I guess that's why it's the Valley YOUTH Theater. But anyway...the kids are all invited to the front of the stage to watch. Lily was a little hesitant, so we started the show with her on my lap. That lasted for all of 5 minutes and then she ran up to the stage where she stayed put for the next 1.5 hours. She watched every.single.minute. When the show was over...she didn't want to leave. I finally pulled her out of the theater and she got to meet Pinkalicious herself.

We then headed back to the car and drove home. Lily was asleep in t-minus 5 seconds with her pink magic wand tightly held in her hand. So adorable.

I feel so lucky to have such a girlie-girl daughter to share pink fun. I can't wait for Charlotte to be old enough to go with us. Me and the girls. How fun!

With her "magic" PINK wand

Us...before the show

Lily after taking our seats

My "stalking" picture of Kurt Warner. Yep...he was there watching his daughter.

Lily and Pinkalicious

After the show...on our way out

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Karen said...

How adorable, and how kind of you to share your pizza.