Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It's that time of year again. Schnepf's Farm. It has definitely become an annual event for all of us. This year was extra special...we were joined by:
  • The norm - my parents, Cori and Aidyn, the Babcock's, Billy,
  • Robin, Aaron, Lincoln, and London,
  • Aunt Karen and Bart,
  • Aunt Rene, Uncle Mart, KateLynn, and Carley,
  • Bobby, Laura, Michelle, and Jenny,
  • Rainie, Justin, and Talon,
  • BJ, Stacey, James, and Kate
  • Bob and Ava was a gigantic crew of us making our way through the farm. We ate, enjoyed a hayride, rode the carousel, slide, swings, coaster, bumble bees, airplanes, and of course the train. We always go later in the day and enjoy the "haunted" train after dark. Funny how we go to a pumpkin patch...and leave without pumpkins. Somehow...we normally decide to just go for the fun and then get our pumpkin at Fry's. Is that weird?

We're getting close...Happy Halloween!

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