Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Weekend in Review

This was a busy weekend.
First off...we finished celebrating Brady's big 6th birthday.
On his actual birthday, we celebrated with his favorite home cooked meal and this:

(the hottie reminds me of brett...he's always "stealing" the picture!)

On Saturday - we celebrated with his class and a few cousins at Bounce Jungle. Oh boy - did they all have fun. 1 hour of bouncing, followed by pizza and cake...and of course lots of presents. It's a good thing we really didn't get him anything - because he got waaaaaaay too much!

Luckily, Bryan's boss at the Diamondbacks came through and got 2 tickets to the Monster Truck Show. Seriously, they said the seats were awesome. We are SOOOOO thankful that Josh was able to help us out!! We surprised Brady Saturday night and Bryan took him for a boys night out at the show. He was completely surprised and L-O-V-E-D, loved it!! He kept telling us thank you and how awesome it was. What a cutie. Sometimes...he is just the sweetest....

Saturday night, Lil and I had girls night...and we really did nothing special. But...we did find a couple new little things for Baby Girl Campbell (yep, still no official name).

Sunday was filled with a bit of cleaning, me prepping for my early Monday flight, and a "date afternoon" with the Hottie and me. We caught a movie while my parents watched the kids. Sunday night dinner followed...and now I'm doing laundry, packing, and waiting for the Hottie to get home to watch the Grammys.

We took about a bajillion photos of the birthday party and the Monster Truck Show...but, here are a few.

(pretty much the whole crew at Bounce Jungle)

(Brady and his friend Cole...pulling Jake up the BIG slide)

(the birthday boy in the "coveted" birthday chair)

(Me...eating cake)

(boys night at the monster truck show)

(Grave Digger - Brady's favorite. It crashed...and he just about cried.)

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