Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our Buggies is THREE!

My goodness. Three year ago today I was deciding whether or not I should make my 4th trip to the hospital. Luckily, I did...they finally let me stay. Just a few hours later....

What an angel, huh? (At least most of the time!!)

Today, our Buggies is a very opinionated, loud, sassy, funny, girlie-girl who looks up to her brother as if he is the very greatest human being there is. I love it.

Bug Facts
*Girlie-girl to the max!
*Loves dress up
*HATES to wear pants...throws a tantrum when we make her
*Loves to be naked
*Obsessed with Dora...and Wonder Pets...and sometimes Spongebob
*Girlie-girl, but tough - you can definitely tell she has an older brother
*Loves to wear dance outfits
*Is so excited to turn 3..."the same as Jakey," you always say
*Favorite color...PINK
*Begged and begged for a Princess bike - but can't ride it.
*Biggest klutz EVER!
*Born in AZ...but, has a New England accent. Ask her to say "park"
*Favorite song...Kings of Leon, Use Somebody
*Hates driving on the freeway
*Has a deep, rough, boy voice that is so cute and sounds just like Ry
*Loves to sing...anything!
*Best Friend...Nanny

Oh Buggies - boy do we love you. You bring us so much happiness and laughter. You crack us up, you are so silly. You are becoming such a chatterbox, I just do NOT know where you get that from.
Happy Birthday sweet girl!
We love you bunches!

Mommy, Daddy, & Brady


Stacey Pasquel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTIE!!! We love you lots too!!!

Stacey Pasquel said...
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Ashley said...


April said...

Happy Birthday Lily!!!! Wow...3yrs old already. Gosh, Hayden was 3 when we moved to Colorado. Times goes by sooo fast. Hey Lily...your gift from us will be to your door tomorrow....I hope you LOVE it!!!

Robin said...

Happy Birthday, Lillers! I love the black and white photo. She's a supermodel!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Lily. You are a doll.

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Thanks Everyone!!! The black and white photo is probably my all-time fave. I love how her hair is all over, the clippy is not anywhere near where it started, she is not looking at me, but you can tell she is really intriqued by something and....thank goodness there is NO booger!

Doreen said...

Happy Birthday Liller's sorry I'm late! Hard to believe you are 3 years old. I just love the black and white picture...sheshould be modeling with those beautiful eyes!!