Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Princess Lily

Yes, Lil is definitely a princess.
Everything she wants involves some type of princess...
a bike, a scooter, jammies....EVERYTHING!

For her birthday - we got her none other than a....

Princess Vanity.
She loves it!

We knew she was going to be so excited because she absolutely love, love, loves Rylee's vanity. She could sit there all day, put on makeup, stare at herself in the mirror...and giggle.

Lucky for us - the Target black Friday special had it half-off and we saved it for the big day! It is pink and purple with a cute little piano (that I'm sure we'll soon be sick of hearing), and it came with some cute mini instruments, pretend lipstick and a brush.

The first thing she did was sit on the little stool...stare at herself in the mirror...grab the lipstick...and put it on. All we heard was..."it doesn't work." Oops! She figured out immediately that the lipstick is NOT real. I'll have to hide all of mine!

Happy Birthday Princess Lily - We love you!

p.s...yep, still has the bruiser on her eye. today it looks worse than ever!


April said...

She looks SUPER happy!!! Love ya =)

Stacey Pasquel said...

Wow- Lily is one lucky princess!! :)