Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our First Born is 6

Happy 6th Birthday Brady!!

As I write this, I am reflecting back to 6 years ago...
Bryan and I were SO excited to become parents. It was almost time.
We waited all day for the call to come in for the induction.
It never came.
Finally, around 4pm they called and told us to come in at 7:30pm
We cleaned house. (It was already clean)
We made sure everything is ready. (because he soooo needed his room immediately)
We went to Applebees for our last childless meal.
We arrived at the hospital at 7:30pm.
They told us they left us a message not to come.
But, since we were already there...we could stay.
Thank goodness.
I wasn't going home.
It took all night.
And part of the next day.
He was finally born at 1:36pm.
It was overwhelming.
And, exciting.
And, super exhausting.

6 years ago today.


Brady Facts:

You are super tall - and I have no idea how that happened!
You are very curious and intelligent - you definitely take after me :)
You have great please teach them to your sister.
You are (most of the time) very sweet and gentle with Lily.
You have a favorite color - it's red.
You love Tony Hawk shirts - thank you Kohl's!
You want to be a professional baseball player - and daddy hopes so, too.
You listen to your teacher...THANK YOU!
You love school and hate when there are breaks because you can't wait to go back.
You are excitedly waiting for your littlest sister and you give her kisses every night.
You are just a little OCD and thrive on organization.
You have a secret handshake with daddy and think it is so cool.
You are very excited for your birthday and can't wait for your first "class" party!!

Oh, Brades - you really are the best. We could not ask for a better son and are SO thankful to have you in our lives everyday. You're our buddy and we can't believe you're 6!!

Happy Birthday, Brady!!

We love you LOTS and LOTS!


April said...

WOW....6yrs old!!! Happy Birthday Brady. We miss and love you.

Ashley said...


Stacey Pasquel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE MAN! We can't wait for the party! :)

Bryan Campbell said...

Happy Birthday Best Buddy! Each and every day over the past 6 years have been the best days of my life. Your mom and I started this family just the two of us, however It was you 6 years ago that really started this family! You are the best son anyone could ask for and you are the BEST big brother ever! Watching you take Lily under your wing over the past 3 years brings pure joy to your mom and I each and every day! We can’t wait till you get the special honor of being big brother to two sisters! You are a special kid, a true one of a kind. Love you tons!!

Oh, and your mom has it wrong. We have 3 secret handshakes……come on mom!

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Awww - thanks everyone!!! Hottie...that was so sweet!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Brady. I can't believe you are 6.