Friday, January 15, 2010


Heartburn is awful.
Before I was pregnant with Brady, I had never in my life experienced heartburn. I thought it was just a pregnancy symptom...but, even after pregnancy I am now susceptible. Luckily, it's much, much worse only when I'm pregnant.

With this pregnancy, I had yet to need my candies (Tums). I call them my candies...because I love them. I was thinking heartburn just may pass me by this time.

Well...I was wrong.

No more late night ice cream or milkshakes for me.
The heartburn has set in.
Full Force.
Which means rough nights.
Little sleep.
Lots of pillows to keep me upright.

1 comment:

Em said...

with brennan i couldn't eat peanut butter the last trimester without being on the floor curling over with painful heartburn. then there was the acid reflux. tums, tums, tums, the big bottle from costco. thank you. i have had only the acid reflux this time around. so happy to still be able to eat peanut butter:-)