Wednesday, January 20, 2010

********Baby Name Poll********

Remember this little girl?

Yes...the one that surprised us and made a home in my belly to grow and grow and grow???

Well, she needs a name. And, we're struggling with this task.

Names are important. It is the first thing that you tend to learn about someone. They are a big part of our identity. Names make a lasting impression. For instance, there are several names I will NOT use solely because of bad experiences I've had with people with that same name. Can you think of any names that fit in that category for you? If you're a teacher...I'm sure you can think of a ton!!

This idea of the name being SO very important just stinks!! I's not like she even gets to pick it out herself. We, as her parents, have to pick it out for her...and we need help deciding. So, this is where you all come in.

Here are our favorites:

1. Charlotte Grace Campbell

2. Piper Grace Campbell

3. Violet Grace Campbell

How you can help:

1. Please, Please, Please comment with which one you like best. OR

2. If you don't like any of these (Mom here is where you can help) comment with a new suggestion.

We will seriously consider every single comment that we receive. The Hottie, Brady, Lily and I each have our favorite and we just need some help on deciding on one that we can all be happy with. Our goal is to finally decide on a name...before we leave the hospital with Baby Girl Campbell on the birth certificate.

Thanks To You ALL!!


Krystal said...

I like #3!

Marie said...

Maybe her name should have some connection to the miracle of her existance and flow with her brother and sister's name. What about "Mary"? (Brady, Lily and Mary)? (I am partial to "M") :)

April said...

I like Molly!!


Lizzie said...

I am really loving Violet Grace - it's pretty, but strong, and unique! And Violet and Lily sound really good together! Good luck!

Doreen said...

What happened to Ella Grace??....I really like that name. If I had to choose from the three you've would be Violet Grace...goes so well with Lilly.

Robin said...

I'm leaning toward Violet, too. I think it goes well with Lily.

Stacey Pasquel said...

Definitely Violet. Both flower girls. :)

Erin said...

I really like all of them...but I am still partial to Piper :) They are all so great though! You will pick the perfect name!

Karen said...

I am still sticking with Piper.

Karen said...

I also like Faith.

Julie said...

Too bad you're not having triplets because I love ALL of those names!! :) They're all so different so it's hard to put them in preferential order... I can't imagine having to pick ONE name! Maybe you guys will just wait until she's born and the name will come to you when you see her for the first time? That would drive me nuts having to wait that long though-- and I'm sure it would do the same to you :) Good luck!!

Jessica said...

Violet Grace

Robin said...

Rainie is sitting here and wants me to post for her:

"I like Charlotte (call her Charlie). It goes with Lily and Brady. But I also like Scarlett."