Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Feel Beautiful

Not really...
but, Lily sure made me feel that way.
Yesterday as I was cleaning.
Picture in a messy makeup.
Lily runs up to me with this picture:

She says "Mom, you so beautiful. Your shirt is so pretty. I wanna be pretty like you."
Thanks Lil...but, you are BEAUTIFUL! that July 4th beauty of a picture. I'm sweating profusely because I'm hanging out outside at the Babcock home and it's about a gazillion degrees. And...this is the very same picture that the Hottie laughs at because I've got these bug eyes. But...if Lil thinks I'm beautiful...I'll take it!


Krystal said...

Awe Lil! She is the sweetest!!!

I like tha photo, the three of you gook cute!

Robin said...

I think you are beautiful, too!

Karen said...

Dawn you are beautiful, inside and out and that's what counts.