Monday, June 13, 2011

Nanny & Poppy

In my family - the kids call my parents Nanny and Poppy. That is what I called my maternal grandparents and that is what my kids now call their maternal grandparents.

Awhile back (bad blogger me) we took some quick photos is their backyard. It is pretty hard to get all 6 of their grandkids (soon to be seven, yay Ashley!!) and a dog to sit still and smile. Here are my favorites.

I love the one above because of Aidyn's face. She is so dang cute and her facial expression is so awesome!

This one includes the "granddoggy" Yogi. Or, as Brady would say - Yogi Bear Trouble Majercin.

This one of Cori and Aidyn is so perfect!

Here's one of my cute 'rents. Aren't they so adorable??!!! I love them!

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Doreen said...

Beautiful pictures Dawn. Your parents are so blessed to have 6 grandkids, I'm jealous, however feel blessed to have KateLynn and Carley. I love the picture of Cori and Aidyn....