Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Durango Adventures in the Odyssey

Today was a nice, lazy, relaxing day. Well, sort of. We (Brady, Hayden, Charlie, and Me) woke up darn early at 6:30am-ish. The sun was out and the windows were letting in lots of light. Justin got up and started breakfast burritos. The kids dressed to go fishing and then our power went out. April, Charlie and I decided to load up the van and head out to downtown Durando to window shop. While driving...we decided to instead make the 40 mile drive to Telluride. 

We used our older (and not updated) GPS for directions. We didn't have an address - so we just found something in Telluride and hit GO! The GPS began directing us to Telluride. (Mistake #1)

We noticed that it was about 40 miles per the GPS...but would take about 1.5 hours. We thought the GPS was just wrong on the time. (Mistake #2)

We drove for about 20 miles and were instructed to make a left on Hermosa Park road. The road wasn't there - there was construction and so we passed by the road. The GPS "recalculated." We ended up turning into Purgatory Ski Resort about .1 miles away. (Mistake #3)

The GPS kept telling us to turn left within the ski resort. We didn't. We somehow ran into Hermosa Park road about 1 minute later. The GPS "recalculated" and told us to continue for 18 miles. (Mistake #4)

April checks her phone GPS - the directions are a little different...but, seem to take us the same way. (Mistake #5)

It was a gravel road up the mountain. We felt a little safe since another car was driving up right in front of us. (Mistake #6)

About 2 miles up the road - the other car pulls off to take pictures. We continue. (Mistake #7)

We wind round and round on the almost 1 lane road. About 3 miles in we pass a Trout Stream. We see people and cars. We feel safe. (Mistake #8)

A truck with a trailer drives at us the opposite direction. We feel safe. Others are driving on the road. (Mistake #9)

I hear a noise that sounds like I'm dragging something. I stop. I get out. I look. Yep. Dragging a stick. I remove the stick. I laugh at how dirty the van has become on the dirt road. April gets out and takes a picture. We continue. (Mistake #10)

We continue winding down the mountain. We see water running off the road on the left and I casually say, "Gosh I hope the water doesn't get any higher. What if it crossed over the road?" We laugh. (Mistake #11)

We say - No...there would be a road closed sign. (Mistake #12)

About .5 mile up....the road is covered in water. Oops. I guess we jinxed ourselves. We drive closer to see if we can turn around before the water. Nope. I almost have an anxiety attack. April stays calm. We laugh. We decide to reverse slowly. April remembers (thank goodness) a green grass area that should be big enough to turn around in. So...I SLOWLY back up. Very slowly. It's a little curvy and I don't want to get too close to the edge and the water. Of course there are some big rocks on the other side that I must avoid. I back up for about 100 yards. We find the grassy area. I'm afraid it may be too soft and I don't want to get I get out to test it out. Thank goodness the grassy area is hard as a rock. We put a quick game plan on how to turn around...and I do it. No issues. Thank goodness! We have now turned around and begin our 15 mile trek back up and down the mountain, laughing the entire way. Mine was kind of a relieved laugh into a hysterical laugh. Whew. First stop...$5 car wash. No drying needed - we just needed to get the mud/dirt/dust off the van. Next stop...downtown Durango to shop.

I just MapQuested the directions. The Shortest Time takes us a different way...pretty much AROUND the mountain. Highway driving the whole time. I select Shortest Distance. The GPS directions appear. BIG RED WARNINGS on the Hermosa Park Road step - there is a warning that says, "Road Closed Seasonally: Oct 1 - June 30." 

Oops. the GPS didn't give us that warning. 

Our view and our gravel road.

My dirty van.


apcamby said...

We had lots of great moments on our trip...this however was a memorable highlight. One that we can laugh about now!! :)

hapi said...

Hi Dawn., Nice blog! How to add the Glitter Effect Mouse Pointer to your Blog