Thursday, June 16, 2011

AZ Girl's Night Out

I don't know quite how I am going.
But...luckily I have a friend named Julie that is NOT a procrastinator.
(nope, not like me)
She was able to get me a ticket the minute they went on sale.
They sold out in like 20 minutes.
They only sold a handful. 
So, what is GNO?
Well, tomorrow evening I will have the privilege
to be in the company of AZ's best crafters.
I pretty sure I'm the least crafty person going.
I wish I was as crafty.
I think I am...I just don't act on it.
And, I definitely don't blog about my crafts.
Well...not enough anyway.
I should.
But, I can barely blog as it is.
I'm pretty much all talk.
These girls are stinkin' amazing.
I can't wait.
So - who will be there?
Kim, Andrea, Toni, & Molly from The Tom Kat Studio
Michelle from Maddy Cakes Muse
Kristyn from Lil' Luna
And lots more crafty gals.
Oh...and me.
Well, me and Julie.
We probably have our own table for the wanna be crafters.
Just kidding.
I feel like I'll be in the presence of celebrities.
That's how excited I am.
Yay me!

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