Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hello...My Name is Janice Billings.

fyi - this picture has NOTHING to do with this post. i just love it. the end.

Since we moved, I've been going to a different grocery store. For my big shopping trips, I go to Fry's...but, if I'm just running up to grab a couple things that we need - I go to Safeway. I think the Safeway is a bit pricier, so I try not to go there too much. (because I'm cheap) When I shop at Safeway, I have yet to get myself a Safeway card.

Yes, I'm lazy.

So...instead - I enter a phone number. Our house number didn't, I tried my cell, then my sister's number, and finally my parents old house number. I figured they would have a Safeway card tied to their old number since they live close. Whew. It worked.

Funny thing is - when I pay, they read the receipt and say, Thank you Ms. Billings. Apparently, my parents old house number has been taken over by a Janice Billings. And instead of signing up for a new card...I've continued to just enter Janice's number. It's been 1 year. I'm still Janice.

Yep...definitely lazy.


Ashley said...

Seriously, I use Mom's number when I go to Safeway too! It's been Janice Billing's forever!! They always say "Thank you Mrs. Billings!" I just laugh and walk away!

J said...

LOL, I use my parents old # for everything that requires a card!! :)

Dawn. said...

Hahahahaha!!!! I am sooooo glad I'm not the only one that does this :) Good 'ole Janice is getting a lot of Safeway points because of us!

Rebecca said...

I too, have an alter-ego at Safeway. I honestly tried to update my information at the customer service counter and they told me I had to write to the corporate office as they could not change it there.
I guess I'll keep living the lie!