Sunday, June 26, 2011

Holy Crap It's Hot!

This weekend was a very HOT weekend. I mean super hot. I mean extreme hot. I mean...pretty much hell hot. If that is even possible. 

Everyone knows that I love being an Arizonan. (p.s I'm a native.) 8-9 months of perfect weather. Tons of sunshine. Snow (if you want it) just a drive away and the ocean just a drive to the west. For me - it's the weather of happiness. So much sun you can't help but be happy. 

However...the summer is the absolute pits. I can't think of anything that would be worse (well, other than any type of natural disaster or blizzard.) 111 degrees feels like you're pretty much sitting on the sun. It's horrific. We live in our houses with the cool A/C or in the pool. 

The bad news is this...we no longer have a pool. Nope, the new-ish house is pool-less. It stinks. Don't get me wrong, the lower electric bill is great. But...we sure miss relaxing in the pool while the weather is stuck at 110. The hottie misses the pool more than any of us. 

So...we'll have to suck it up and stay indoors (boo!). I see lots of mall window shopping in our future. The hottie even suggested hanging out in the Costco Cooler as entertainment. He was only joking. Sort of. I'm starting to think that's a good idea. What could be better than walking around, snacking on free samples, and cooling off in the Costco Cooler?

Hmm....probably a refreshing dip in a pool. (To be fair - when pool water is 98's not as refreshing as you'd like.) sure as heck beats 110 degrees. In the sun. With no pool. YUCK!!

Tonight after we dined at Joe's BBQ with my family - the hottie and I reminisced back to just 1 month ago when we were able to take nightly family walks. Brady and Lily on their scooters. Me pushing Charlie in her new birthday pink car, and the hottie walking beside me. It was in the 70's. 

What the heck happened? 

It's 8:22pm and it is still 109 degrees. Holy crap. I've arrived in hell.

At least this will only last for a couple more months. I can't wait. I'm counting the days. 

In the meantime...this will be us....

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Stacey Pasquel said...

You guys are welcome to come over and swim with us anytime!!!