Saturday, June 4, 2011

Milk and Cookies

Charlie turned 1 on May 24th. I know - that was my last's been awhile. A LOOOOOONG while. For her birthday, I planned a Milk and Cookies party. I had been searching around for a cute 1st birthday theme (because I really like themes) and that one just really stood out. What is better than cookies....especially when you're one year old? Or....even when you're 34 like the Hottie? So...that's what I planned.

I will say that Rainie was a little bit of inspiration to me. She has been planning Talon's party pretty much since he was born. She is NOT a procrastinator (I guess that title is reserved for me.) So - about 6 weeks before her birthday, when Rainie literally had everything completely done for Talon's Carnival Party - I thought I better get started. And, crafting - I did.

I will say....I had a LOT of party inspirations:
A.Party Style
The TomKat Studio
Swanky Pear

You will say - I pretty much re-created all my favorites from all my inspirations. I was definitely laughed at with my spreadsheet-ing and lists and crafts. But, that's okay. It was fun. And you only turn 1 - once...right??!!

Welcome to the Party!!

Aren't these adorable!!! Thanks Ash for making them!!!

Ribbon Topiary made especially for the day.

Ribon/Picture's now hanging in Charlie's room.

This is a VERY popular design for the cake. Thanks a.Party Style for the idea. But, most importantly - thanks to my Aunt Renee's friend Diane for making the cutest cake ever!

Yummmmmmmy Cookies. The Cookie Bar. 

Closer picture of the cookie bar.

Take home bags made from Brady's lunch sacks that I had laying around.

More cookies. Some bought - some homemade. All delicious!

Isn't this so true?

My HB Banner made for Charlie. I love these darn banners!

The birthday girl and her super cute Etsy dress. crying at your party!

Ready for sleep....cookie coma.
Thank you to everyone for making this such a great birthday. It's the very last 1st birthday that I will plan and boy oh boy did I have fun planning.......and eating the cookies!

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Stacey Pasquel said...

I'm sorry we had to miss it- looks like it was a lot of fun! Happy birthday to Charlotte!