Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shoes and Crayons

Favorites in our house right now:

Lily wears shoes in the morning, afternoon, and night - even after bath. She loves to take her shoes off and put them back on...but, when she can't quite get it right - boy does she get mad! Shoes was one of her first words and I will never forget how her cute voice yells out "shuce." So cute and such a girlie girl.

Lil's pretty shoes...after bath & even holding one in her hands

Brady is ADDICTED to coloring. Perfectionist he is - at pretty much everything. We knew early on...he was constantly lining things up - cars, toys, crayons, etc. But he could color for hours. I love to color with him. And, so does Lil.

Colorin' in the kitchen & another shot with the Cuties coloring together

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