Tuesday, October 21, 2008


That's what I call him most often...
I am so excited about my blog. Everyone knows it. I really think it's my way of reflecting on my life, the day, the kids, marriage, family, etc. Leave it to my Aunt Karen to remind me ever so cutely that I need to remember the cuties' dad and the love of my life. So....this post is for him.

Bryan and I met in March 1999 - sheesh, long time ago. I was a mere 20 years old and he was just about 22. Has anyone ever told you about love at first sight? Well, I don't believe in love at first sight - but this was pretty close. To this day...we will both tell you of this one moment we had when we looked at each other...that was it. We were smitten and have been going strong ever since. I think it helps that:
  • we are SO alike, but SO different.
  • he loves my family - and, that's a good thing since they all live nearby.
  • in the first year I went to visit his family out of town - traveling together brings a whole different aspect to a relationship.
  • Bryan's late grandfather called me "April."
  • I love his friends and he mine.
  • our first nephew was born soon after we met.
  • we don't agree on politics...but, it sure gets me mad.
  • we both enjoy TV - waaaaaay too much.
  • we tried EXTREMELY hard for children for a loooong time.
  • we never gave up.
  • we have serious talks - get mad at each other - and are able to talk through our differences.
  • he does the yard work and I do the inside work.
  • we both cook - that's a new one!
  • he knows how important my family is to me and he is okay with that.
  • he is not just a brother-in-law, but friends with my brother, dad, and my sisters' husbands.
  • he camps with my family on boys weekend.
  • family first is our motto.
  • we both think parenthood is important.
  • we have 2 TV's.
  • we still like date nights...(but, unfortunately, don't get to go out too often.)
  • we both think the best vacation is with family.
  • we both like roller coasters.
  • we are both outgoing and social.
  • we both prefer dive bars over fancy bars.
  • we both love kids.
  • we still leave it open to having more.
  • I let you pick the names of BOTH our kids. (even though you don't remember it that way)
  • we balance each other out - he is good with computers and I am good with "school-type" stuff.
  • we continue to make fun of each other lightly and laugh about it later together.
  • we seriously still love each other and cannot imagine life before March 1999.
I love you babe!

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