Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Guess what happened while I was out...

Tonight I had a dinner with work - at my fave Don & Charlies...yummy!!
But...while I was gone, guess what Lily did...
(Sorry about the graphic photo!!)


Our potty sings when you go pee, and apparently, since it she had never heard it before (since it had never been peed in) she freaked out and jumped up. Then, she wouldn't sit down until Bryan cleaned out the potty.

Wow!! I am SOOOO sad I missed it. But, there will be many more to come. Let's just hope we are on the way to undies, or should we now say panties?

Hmm...that makes me think. I call them undies with Brady, but I know my sister Ashley calls them panties with Rylee. Do you think our kids' gender dictates our vocabulary? Looks like it!

1 comment:

Sassy Cassie said...

NO PANTIES!!!! That's a horrible word. Stick with undies- very cute.