Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Fun

Over the last few months - I have started a new schedule at work - 4 10's. And... I love it!! This means that on Fridays, it's just me and the cuties. we had a little fun. We went to Superstition Farms for bit of a tour. Ashley and Jake and Rylee, Cori and Aidyn, and Robin and Lincoln joined us for the fun. With this big of a group - and 3 strollers - it was difficult, but fun. Ry and Brady rode the ponies and everyone got a chance to feed the animals. Poor Lil and Jake...stuck in their strollers the whole time (which were VERY difficult to push in the rocks, I might add). Lunch followed at Peter Piper Pizza. Who needs to eat - when there is SO much to play with?? Right, that's how my kids definitely think. Brady chose that moment to say he doesn't like pizza sauce anymore (which thanks to Ash...she got him to eat) and Lil...well, she pretty much had a meltdown when it was time to leave. Something about a moving jeep that she fell in love with.
Tonight, on the other hand, was business as usual at home. Dinner, baths, dishes - then the kids colored. I have some new pieces of art that will be hanging up on the fridge.

By the way - anytime there is a camera...Lil screams "cheese." Such a diva!

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