Monday, October 20, 2008


I am Dawn.
I am proud that I married my best friend.
I struggled to have children - it has made me appreciate them more.
I am loud, especially when I drink.
I am liberal - maybe too liberal.
I love having 2 sisters - I am sad for those that don't know the "sisterly" bond.
I am sadly addicted to TV - it's my cheap entertainment.
I sing horribly bad - I wish I was good.
I am in love with my children.
I am too short.
I can function rather well on VERY little sleep.
I clean to de-stress.
I think Bryan is H-O-T, HOT!
I watch teenie bopper shows.
I am ALMOST 30.
I am falling in love with cooking - everything homemade is best!
I do not like fancy bars.
I want to lose 20 pounds.
I love pedicures.
I like the new color of my hair.
I think I have straight teeth and I like it.
I love family.
I think family is everything.
I would rather hang out at home with the family than do anything else.
I love New York.
I love blogging.
I love my job - but wish I could do it from my living room.
I love comfy clothes.
I think Don & Charlie's restaurant is yummy.
I want to learn to sew.
I want my children to have a "real" college experience.
I love friend dinner nights.
I think we need to do them more often.
I love game nights.
I miss Bryan's family - they all live too far away.
I wonder if I will have more children.
I love to travel - but rarely get to.
I want a Kitchen Aid mixer sooooooo bad. A pink one.
I love spending money on my kids.
I feel guilty if I spend money on me - I rarely do.
I hate to nap.
I wish I recycled.
I wish I lived on larger property.
I wish I was more artistic.
I love Bryan.
I love Brady.
I love Lily.
I love life.

Thank you Cassie - I do this often. Sit down and think about me....I learn a lot.


Anonymous said...

dawn youre the best! i love you! ~bartie

Sassy Cassie said...

my pleasure :) it's great therapy don't you think?