Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lily Hearts Shoes

No joke - I have a shoe lover for a daughter. "Shoes" was literally one of her first words. Today, when she got up from her nap - Bryan said the first thing she wanted was her shoes...she wears them ALL THE TIME. She also loves my shoes, and Brady's, and Jake's, and Rylee's, and pretty much everyone's.
She's also all about fashion over comfort. She has these cute little pink Target shoes that look like doll shoes...she still stuffs her feet into them although they are WAY too small.

I'd say that this is a girlie trait - but, our nephew Jake is just as obsessed. is his dad.

Bryan and I are not shoe people. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE SHOES...but, I just can't afford them - well, the ones I want anyway. I have this friend Julie...she has more shoes than I have ever seen. I recently had the chance of checking out her shoe closet - I was in heaven. Lily would have LOVED it.

I seriously think these pics of Lily wearing my shoes are the cutest pics ever. She doesn't let the fact that they are several sizes big for her stop her - she runs, plays, and of course, has time to stop and say cheese for the camera. The girl hearts shoes - plain and simple. And, I love it!

p.s. Julie loves shoes so much - here is a picture of "chocolate heels" - and she has a real pair just like it!


Julie said...

Awwww... well Lily can come over whenever she wants to play dress up with my shoes! You've got a smart boy who voted for the best president, and a smart girl who knows that shoes are a girl's best friend... those are my kind of kids! :)

Spec4J said...

Some kids are pre-programmed. My 15 year old son Tyler has been rough and dirty since the day he was born. Likewise my 7 year old daughter Johana has been attracted to dolls and fashion from the get go. This was one of the hardest things for me to understand as a parent. I thought that I would be the one to program their personality. Wrong! They have their own personality from day one.