Monday, November 10, 2008

Girls Weekend

I'm Exhausted!! But, I guess that's what girls weekend is all about.

Jessica, my cousin, turned 30 on October 30. For her birthday - she wanted to re-live her 18th birthday and take a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain. I tagged along - and had a blast.

9am - Saturday...we were off. Well...I should mention it took us a good 1 1/2 hours to leave the valley due to a gas stop, McDonald's stop, and Starbucks stop. All stops included Jessica having an anxiety attack that we weren't already en route. We made great time...and besides a million potty stops we got there in time for a MUCH NEEDED pedicure and a quick mall shopping trip. Come on it was GIRLS weekend!

9am - to Six Flags. Those of you that don't know Jessica - she is always late...apparently, unless we are off to Six Flags. WE HAD TO BE ON TIME and we pretty much were. All day at the park was spent riding roller coasters. Lines were great - pretty much could walk on. In fact, often times we could stay on and enjoy the ride a 2nd, or 3rd, or in some cases 4th time without getting off. It was great. The weather was pretty chilly and we were SO happy to have jackets. Jessica did want to bring her gloves and we talked her out of it. Little did we know that we would be buying some at the park (or, should I say Debbie would be buying them for us - THANKS!!) And...I am happy to say that Jessica talked me into going on the Tatsu - super fun. We had a blast and except for a LOOONG lunch at the Mooselodge - it was all about the rides. Oh...and there was a cheerleading competition for teens - SO cute!! Of course, I loved it!

8am - home. Yuck - always the worst part of a trip...the drive home. Luckily I shared a car with Jessica, Kristen, and Patti. We literally talked the entire ride both to Cali and home. We had a great time...lots of family talk and politics. How did I end up on a trip with ALL Republicans??

I had a blast - thanks ladies!!

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