Saturday, November 5, 2011

30 Days of Thanks - Day 5

I am thankful for...

Working from Home.

I know I've said it before...but I am really, really thankful for this somewhat untraditional (albeit becoming more common) arrangement. My typical day is as follows:

5:45am - get up to jog (if I'm not too lazy)
6:45am - return back from jog and shower
7:00am - turn on computer and sign in for the day
8:00am - 1st break - help Bryan get the kids out of the house and to school or the sitter. Then make all beds.
8:20am - work
11:00am - begin to think about lunch
11:30am - shower (if I did not jog/shower earlier)
12:00pm - make lunch
12:15pm - return to desk and eat while working
1:00pm - plan dinner - put food in crockpot, if necessary
1:15pm - work
3:00pm - midday break with snack
3:15pm - back to work
3:30pm - Bryan leaves to pick up Brady from school
5:00pm - check on dinner
5:30pm - pick up girls from sitter
6:00pm - finish dinner and eat
6:45pm - baths for girls
7:00pm - family dance time/game night (Sorry!) and finish up homework
8:00pm - breathing treatments for girls, as needed
8:00pm - Charlie to bed
8:15pm - Lily to bed
9:00pm - Brady to bed
9:00 - 11:00pm - Bryan and Dawn's TV time, study time, work time
11:00pm - bed. but...rarely I go to bed by 11pm. I'm kind of that kind of person that does not need too much sleep. but...then sometimes I zonk out at 9pm.

You can see the actual work time varies throughout the day. I put in my 10+ hours everyday...but, sometimes several hours of it come after the kids go to bed.

One "wrench" into this schedule has been Bryan's new work from home schedule. This started in September. As much as we both "complain" about has been going very well. We have two separate areas. We are now BOTH saving on gas money and we always have someone to eat lunch with.

One negative is that I often wear "comfy" clothes ALL.DAY.LONG. They are clean...but, they're still comfy clothes. I'm pretty sure the Hottie is sick of seeing me with a pony tail and comfy clothes. But...this only makes the days that I do dress up for work or to go out even better. Why? Because any outfit is better than comfy clothes!!

WFH is awesome!! If you have the it!

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April said...

I've been given the chance and I love it(thanks PRG)!!! It makes my day..oh yes comfy clothes 100% AWESOME