Wednesday, November 2, 2011

30 Days of Thanks - Day 2

I am thankful for....

Brady Ryan Campbell.
My first born.
He is exactly like me.
But, EXACTLY like Bryan.
It's funny.
He is all boy.
The typical, boy's boy.
LOVES sports.
Loves the Red Sox.
Loves the Diamondbacks.
Loves the Cardinals.
Right now - he loves to pitch.
And, catch.
He also loves skateboarding.
But, he's still learning.
He HATES to get in trouble.
He is the most honest kid I know.
He's got the biggest conscience.
And, he's the sweetest big brother.
He's the typical "oldest" child.
Very independent.
And, a really good tattle tale :)
He tells stories that I would tell.
And then he sounds like a little adult.
It's so cute.
We laugh and love it.
He's in a bit of a dorky stage.
You know - the 7-9 year old, I say dorky things stage.
We absolutely love it.
He's not into having a girlfriend yet.
But, they sure like him.
I am so thankful for you!

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Ashley said...

Oh Brady Ryan sweetest boy I know!