Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 Days of Thanks - Day 1

Ok...it's that time of year again!!

Yippee!!! My very favorite time of year. Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is hands-down my favorite holiday. Similar to last year - I'm devoting my entire November to the 30 Days of Thanks party.

Because I was recently called out at work (thanks Ron!!) at being the WWB or World's Worst Blogger - I thought no better way to jump back on the blogging bandwagon than to join the 30 Days of Thanks party. So....here goes it.

I am Thankful for Pinterest.

What is Pinterest, you may ask? I really hope not. If you're not on Pinterest yet...you are WAAAAY BEHIND. It is the greatest invention since the smart phone. Well, maybe not that great...but, goodness almighty - it is so darn addicting!

Pinterest is this online catalog-ish site that showcases pictures and direct links to ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING you may be interested in. You literally scroll through gazillions of pictures of....well, anything. And, if something interests you - you can "pin" it to one of your boards. Hence...the name "Pin"terest. So, I'm a regular Pinterester - I've got about 30 different boards - kind of like online corkboards of stuff I like. I have a board for Style, Parties, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Crafty, Birthdays....and several more. If I come across something in the "catalog" of Pinterest pictures, I will pin it to my specific board so that I can quickly locate it later if I need to.

Holy cow. I love it.

I have boards filled with so many ideas of decorating and birthday parties and gifts and crafts and holiday stuff. I have been filling my spare (what's that) time with crafting up things I've seen on Pinterest. I've been filling out my Christmas List for all the peeps we buy for with gift ideas that I've found on Pinterest.

Pinterest is addicting. Literally addicting. It's like crack. Or, so I can assume. One hour on Pinterest and you will have yourself at least 10 boards and millions of ideas of outfits, crafts, gifts, photography...the list goes on.

Oh, and you can even pin things to Pinterest that you see ANYWHERE online. Yep...so maybe one day someone will pin something of mine or YOURS onto Pinterest. How fun!

Oh Pinterest...how I love you.

p.s. - joining Pinterest is a little on the slow side. It's fastest if someone invites you. So...if you want an exclusive (just kidding) invite - let me know and I will email you the invite for your immediate membership!!

p.s. - I totally forgot another great thing about Pinterest. Just like any social media site, you can "follow" other people. By following people you can see what stuff they pin. If you follow people that like the same things you do - then, yippee ki yay - you'll have a front row seat to tons of pins that are right up your alley!

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