Sunday, July 31, 2011

2nd and Pre-K

We're getting ready for the next school year over at our house. This past week was filled with preparation and we have still got some more prepping to go.

Brady and Lily will be at the same school. Brady will be in 2nd grade and is sooooo very excited to have his first boy teacher. Lily will be entering her first "real" school as a Preschooler. We are so darn lucky that our sitter has a daughter the same age as Lily and has volunteered (yes, volunteered) to take Lily to and from school with her daughter. Lily and her two BFFs will be in the same class and boy oh boy is she super excited!

This week started with me buying loads of school supplies. The nerd awesome person that I am gets most excited for this part. I loved, loved, looooooved school supply shopping as a kid and I love it even more now. I will say, I think the list of school supplies is absolutely ridiculous. First don't really get to pick what they really want anymore, the teacher's pick it for them. At Brady's school - the parents are responsible for bringing the entire list and then everything is combined and separated out when they need it. very well may be that he will end up with some items/colors that we did not purchase. I don't really care that much about that...but, when Brady picked out red scissors...I'm hoping that he will get those red scissors at school. Secondly...teachers are screwed in today's times. They have to spend so much out of their own pocket and that completely stinks. To help, we have things on our list like reams of copy paper, fine point expo markers, and a $10 Walmart gift card. I absolutely do not mind buying school supplies (remember it's my favorite part) just shows you that we do NOT do enough for our teachers and neither does our state.

I also had a couple dates this week. The first "date" was with Brady. We shopped a bit for some school clothes and shoes...oh and of course, the essentials - socks and underwear. I cleaned out his drawers and closet to prepare for our "date" and so I knew exactly what he needed. Although I'm not much of a character-type clothing person (to me plain is best) I have come a very long way and Brady got to either pick out his clothes or veto items that I selected. When we got home from our date...a fashion show took place in which he showed off his new clothes.

The second date was with Lily. Just like with Brady, I prepped for the shopping outing by cleaning out her drawers and closets. With Lily...typically she like the craziest, most obnoxious, pink frilly, blinged out clothes in the world. If you think something is obnoxiously crazy...she would love it. Well, I had to spot those items from a distance and steer her in another direction. She ended up with a few adorable items (and one really niiiiiiiice looking clearance sandals that I just couldn't hide fast enough). Of course, when we arrived home a fashion show took place.

And today - we all met my mom, along with Ashley and the kids at Kohl's. My mom takes the kids on an annual back to school shopping extravaganza. O.M.G. What a trip. It was like a zillion degrees outside and that just stunk - but, sheesh the kids were loaded up with tons of clothes. Of course the girls were trying to find every school acceptable dress in the store and the boys were....well, just boys. Thanks Mom!!!...oops and Dad! The good news is that my mom did get to rake in on some Kohl's cash :) After shopping - we braved the heat once more and drove over to Red Robin to take my mom to lunch as a thank you. What a day!

Of shows took place again tonight. Brady and Lily have picked their favorite outfits and decided to strike a pose for some pictures.
her serious model pose 
hang loose

seriously? lol!

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seriously Brades!! I could laugh forever!