Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Annual We Wish We Were in San Diego 4th of July

July 4th sucks in Arizona. There is no other way to say it. Well, I guess there is...but, seriously - the 4th stinks!!! It is so darn hot. The ONLY, absolute ONLY thing I feel like doing is staying inside or going on vacation. 

The Babcock's have an annual July 4th party. Although it is hot as heck - we always happily go. We have such a great time and somehow forget (as much as we can) about the heat and just enjoy the people, food, and holiday. This year we were even able to swim in their brand-new pool! What a treat!! It sure is beautiful and soooo refreshing after a day of hotness!

Thanks Babcock's!!

Festive July 4th Strawberries I made for the party. Idea stolen from Pinterest!!

Charlie before we headed out.

Charlie mid-cupcake that Ashley made. Yum!

Lincoln in the pool. 

Bart preparing for our Big Brother Fantasy League!! Yahoo!!!

Brady with some sparklers. Sshhh...don't tell the City of Scottsdale!

Uncle Brett and Charlie with a free Lightroom preset that I love.

Aidyn and a sparkler

Some ground fireworks. Sshhhh....

Billy and a sparkler. I think he like them more than the kids! Well...I was pretty fond of them, too!

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